The late Douglas Adams observed three major stages of the evolution of society: Survival, Inquiry, and Sophistication. He emboddied these stages into the queries: “How can we eat?”, “Why do we eat?”, and finally, “Where shall we have lunch?”.

However, he left out what he was best at: Interlocution, or “What stories shall we share today?” This is our goal.


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Just as art complements science, our methods are the product of a careful blend of academic and professional experience in the behavioral sciences, including language and communication, consciousness and culture, market behavior, organizational management, sociopolitical development, globalization and popular culture. An immersive experience can only be fully realized with the power of emotion-provoking music and studio-quality sound.

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Douglas Shirley attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona, where he learned everything from recording songs on analog tape to working sound fx in post production of full-length features. After graduating, he attended an internship at Paragon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee working on broadcast, film, and music production including films like Mafia, Sibling, and Homerun.

Since completing the program, he has been freelancing with a fellow graduate at JD Audio, and mastering audio with Code Red Productions for their debut film Mine to Keep.

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